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Laminated BOPP Woven Bags

Used for making Bags for Flour, Rice, Food item, Seeds, Animal & pet food, Fertilizer, Agrochemical, Cement, Promotional & shopping bag, Charcoal, Mineral, Grain & pulses, Spices, Salt, Sugar, Powder & granules Tiles adhesive.


BOPP Woven bags share the properties of its parent material Polypropylene. In addition to its usual qualities, BOPP’s Biaxial Orientation process results in increased toughness of the material, enhanced clarity, quite improved stiffness, more resistance to substances like oil and grease. Impact resistance, flex crack resistance, and low-temperature resistance are some of the other qualities. In addition to this, it can be modified significantly along with the controllable transparency and increased barrier properties to water vapour and oxygen. All these unique qualities are essential for the long-lasting use of your products.


Excellent Printability, multiple finishes and supreme feel give the bags an enviable look, resulting in your product appearance on the shelf much more desirable and attractive for the consumer to choose. This packaging material can multiply your sales manifold.

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