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  • Single Loop & Two Loop Bag – Used for 500 to 1500 kg, specially for agriculture and food products.
  • Tunnel Loop Bag – With additional facility to lift the bag using Forklift. Has two tunnels specially designed for the purpose.
  • Builder Bag – Commonly used in construction & building industry for being tough and durable nature to handle & transport stone, gravel, debris, soil, or other materials
  • UN Bag – Special types of bag used for transportation of dangerous material having fine minute particle size.
  • Baffle Bag – FIBCs with baffles sewn inside the body, help the bag maintain the shape after filling also
  • Ventilated Big Bag – Breathable bag that helps in transportation of perishable products.
  • U Panel/4 Panel Bag – The standard four loop bag with carrying capacity of 500 to 2000 Kg
  • Circular Type with Cross Corner Loops – Bag has loops stitched on the body of the main fabric, less stitches in the body.
  • Type C Bag – Conductive FIBC Bag
  • Type D Bag – Crohmiq Type D FIBC Bag